Bathroom Remodeling 

Bathroom remodeling is a great way to impact the overall look and feel of any residential home. Whether you’re looking to make small changes or completely transform your bathrooms, hiring an experienced professional from Levi’s Construction can help you get your residential bathroom renovation done right. With an exceptional staff of bathroom remodeling experts, Levi’s Construction can design a bathroom that will check all the boxes in functionality, luxury and style.

Levi’s Construction aims to provide customers with the bathrooms of their dreams. We ensure there are no surprises when it’s time for installation. We have all the bases covered during any residential renovation project by providing experts in all trade services such as plumbing, electrical work, tiling and more. Levi’s Construction wants your bathroom to get the look you desire. 

Functionality and Luxury

The bathroom is often the most utilized room in the house. Homeowners sometimes feel as though they need to exclude comfort or luxury and accept their bathroom for function alone. It doesn’t matter if you are considering a residential renovation for your primary bathroom or a half bath. Your space should be a mix of utility and style. Initially, homeowners consider remodeling their bathrooms because they feel plagued with old fixtures, limited storage space, and outdated designs. This feeling of dread frequently creates an atmosphere within a room that is not inviting. When guests visit or homeowners are finally home from a tough week in the office, they desire a new calming space that can make the pressures of travel or work float away. 

Levi’s Construction often surprises homeowners by adding details to create a design to evoke comfort and luxury while serving their intended purpose. Levi’s Construction is a trusted San Francisco area residential renovation specialist. We have the ability to reimagine the purpose of your bathroom through high-quality materials, styles, and refined design choices. We remove stress by offering the best products available, so you can create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. Levi’s Construction design team will walk you through the bathroom renovation process to create the perfect oasis in your home.

Our Residential Renovation Process

Levi’s Construction’s experienced staff is equipped to handle your bathroom renovation from start to finish. A bathroom remodeling project can last many weeks, depending the intensity of your renovation. We’re with you every step of the way. Our team has overseen many degrees of bathroom remodeling ranging from simple cosmetic updates to structural changes and complete rebuilds. Regardless of the vision for your dream bathroom, Levi’s Construction works with you from the beginning to bring every detail of your bathroom oasis to life.

As a qualified design-build contractor, we begin each project with a clear plan that encompasses your needs and design vision. To assist with this process, we assign each bathroom renovation project a point-of-contact to communicate with our homeowners throughout the entire duration of your project. Our goal is to update you on the work completed, answer any questions that may arise about your bathroom renovation, and address your concerns or deviations from the original plans. Levi’s Construction’s priority is to be transparent throughout the project and ensure open communication between our clients and ourselves. 

We will be responsible for applying for the necessary building permits and scheduling inspections throughout your bathroom renovation. We hope to ease your nerves and provide all the necessary information as our team of renovation experts works through the process of remodeling your bathrooms. Levi’s Construction will detail the progress of your project, which will help you focus on more important things. Our team is here to make your bathroom renovation project go as smoothly as possible, so don’t hesitate to ask questions or for clarification on the process, if necessary. We understand a bathroom renovation project can create excitement and worry for many homeowners. Our professional and highly-trained team will work to eliminate problems and guide you through the entire remodeling process. 

Remodeling Benefits

With over 30 years experience, we understand the needs of our homeowners. We can confidently create a perfect balance of utility and luxury for our bathroom renovations. 

  1. Create a peaceful oasis. When forced to perform your daily routine in a space you are unsatisfied with, it creates added stress. The day begins as a failure when you use a sink that may be inadequately sized for your family or when lighting does not help create a vision you are comfortable with. With a bathroom renovation, you can choose cabinetry that fits your style and is appropriately sized for your family. You can apply textures and lighting to lift your spirits or soothe stress. You can create your happy place with a proper bathroom renovation.
  2. Increase your home’s value. A minor remodel encompasses the simple things like upgrading your toilet, sink or vanity. You could also replace a tub, tile, lighting or fixtures. While we are at it, let’s include a fresh coat of paint. Levi’s Construction’s team can assess your needs and desires to create a renovation plan that does as little or as much as you want or need. We can offer guidance on selecting any of these items and direct our homeowners to select fixtures that will help with resale, if or when the time comes, without compromising their style. According to information recently published by, a source of renovation expertise, a minor bathroom remodel gives you a 102% RIO. Who doesn’t like those numbers?
  3. Increase your efficiency.  By replacing the small things like leaky faucets or installing an on-demand water heater system and a water-efficient toilet, homeowners will save on utility costs and reduce their carbon footprint. This can also be done by purchasing recycled products or adding additional insulation during the build.
  4. Reorganize or declutter. Innovations have made bathroom organization a breeze. Levi’s Construction has the resources to help homeowners find functionality and beauty in their bathroom remodel. Poorly designed bathrooms invite clutter. When you renovate, by increasing storage or encompassing smart design products, homeowners create discreet locations for towels, cleaners, toiletries, and medicines 
  5. Improved safety. Older or dilapidated bathrooms are full of potential safety hazards for your family. Cracked or chipped tiles, uneven floors, lead paint, mold and mildew can create unhealthy situations for your home. A bathroom remodel is the perfect time to take care of all these safety risks and add additional safety features. New products such as installing anti-slip flooring, grab bars, handheld showerheads may be helpful if your family or situation has changed since you first bought your home. No matter where your family is in life, talking to our bathroom remodeling team about their safety may be a key issue.

Levi’s Construction takes pride in all of our projects. No matter the scope, our goal is to ensure you are delighted with your dream bathroom’s design, beauty, and functionality. When the benefits of a bathroom remodeling project are paramount, we are ready to get you started. 

When Quality Matters – Trust the Team at Levi’s Construction

Remodeling offers homeowners a unique opportunity to improve their homes in several ways. We can increase value and create spaces to improving energy efficiency and updating the appearance of their property. Whether you’re planning on selling soon or staying in place, a residential remodel may be just what you need. 
Trust the experts at Levi’s Construction for your next residential or commercial remodeling project. If you are looking for a bathroom or basement remodel, deck, or a complete residential or commercial build, Levi’s Construction can create what you need. With over 30 years of experience, our insured, bonded, and bilingual crew will approach your project with the care, skill, and dedication you deserve. We pride ourselves on being the best San Francisco Bay area construction contractors! Contact us today to start!